How I Work 

I start with each individual where they are on when we first meet. What is bothering you is what is important to me. Sometimes I will need to gather background information that may be influencing the problem you are facing, and other times we can pretty quickly arrive at a strategy for moving forward without a great deal of background work. The important thing is that we will address what is bothering you most, as well as identifying any underlying issues that may be affecting how you feel. 

The focus of my work is to help you clarify your problem and begin to understand what has led you to this point.  When that is achieved I help you decide on possible solutions.  At this point many clients will be able move on independently. If not, I may refer you to a counselor that can continue with the work we have started. 

Life Coaching vs. Therapy

There are important differences between psychotherapy and life coaching, the most important being that psychotherapy is diagnosis based. Therapy is used to address a particular diagnosis that I or another medical provider has given you. This medical intervention is usually covered by your health insurance.

 Life coaching, on the other hand, is directed at a specific area in your life that is causing you difficulty. It could be a relationship, a work situation, or a personal struggle. Using my years of experience and training I coach you to make sound decisions about how to move forward in ways that will help you get the results for which you are hoping.  Life Coaching is usually briefer and not covered by insurance. With life coaching, you are in charge of the number of sessions and direction those sessions take. 

Parenting Coaching


I am an experienced and successful parent myself, and I enjoy helping parents improve communication with children of all ages. I can help you set appropriate boundaries and set up patterns of open and positive communication between you and your children. 

I also can coach you on advocating for your children within the school system if they have needs that are not being met, or where you are confused about how best to help your child. 

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